Thursday, April 24, 2008

Istanbul: Part 1

So...Turkey is amazing! Istanbul is more lovely, charming, and welcoming than I expected. Alas, the Turkish keyboard is far different than what I'm used to so I am afraid I will have to keep my wrıtten musings brief. (And apologize for when I mistype my i's!)

Here was my first breakfast ın Istanbul at Les Arts Turcs. They are actıng as my hosts while I am here...I will write much more about Nurdogan and what his center ıs about as I am here. You can see Alp taking my pıcture ın the window's reflection...

From Les Arts Turks you can see both Aya Sofia and the Blue Mosque. What a view!

Here is the famous Blue Mosque...

The Istanbul Modern, which is theır modern art museum. (An interestıng juxtapositıon of old and new)

The massive Topkapi Palace, home of the sultans. (The size of the whole estate is half the size of the country of Monaco)

The Harem of the palaceş which is bıgger and more elaborately decorated than you can imagıne!

There is also an amazing Archeological Museum at the palace...

Istikal, the lively street where everyone hangs out at night.

This is the view from the window of where I am staying at the moment. I have to swıtch hotels sadly, so I will miss climbing onto this roof at night!

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