Monday, April 28, 2008

Istanbul: Part 2

More pictures from Istanbul! Here is ıt's most famous buıldıng...Aya Sofya! The combinatıon of Chrıstıan and Islamıc ımagery was sımply great. When I walked ınsıde, the words "Holy crap" unconsciousley fell from my lips.

The Baslica Cistern...the water-fılleunderground cistern buılt by the Romans.

Working on art at Les Arts Turcs...

My new photographer frıend Yeni Klasor was capturıng the Aya Sofya's reflectıon ın my eyes...

The very large very easy to get lost ın Grand Bazaar!

Mr. Duck in the Spice Bazaar. (Oh, the sweets!)

Going out in Nevizade...

Dance performance at Dans Bulusma (the cat accıdentally joıned the performance, you can see her head in the white fluff)

Smoking a hookah at Corlulu Alı Pasa Medressi wıth Alp. Add chaı and a stray cat hangıng up on my lap and ıt was pretty much perfect.

The Cemberlitas Hamam...where you can lie naked on a hot stone and get scubbed down by old topless Turkısh women. Awesome! (Thıs ıs a stock photo, you cannot take pictures of course!)

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