Saturday, May 3, 2008

More travel drawings...

In Pamukkale I didn't draw anything--mostly because my bag was lost at the airport so I didn't have my art supplies (let alone...well, anything!) most of my visit. So here is what I've made since arriving in Cappadocia a couple days ago.

Here I copied a very traditional tile design here in see this blue tile everywhere. The word turquoise was actually comes from the French, meaning "color of the Turks." Oh, and tulips originally came from Turkey...they are very proud to point this out!

This is a drawing of my favorite restaurant here in Göreme (Cappadocia)...appropriately called Göreme restaurant! It's a good place to sit and enjoy some cai...

This morning I hiked over into Pigeon valley, sat down in a fıeld, and drew this picture quickly since it was starting to rain on me! Some of the unique rock formations here, which I'll post pictures of later!

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